Editorial Note


Excellence in scientific research has become a necessity rather than merely a symbol of prestige. With the advent of digital media, the dissemination of research contributions has become very friendly. Every individual has inherent skills in research and its communication, which need to be identified and developed. Adequate motivation in this direction and the appropriate platforms for publishing are vital in promoting the publishing trend. The idea of International Journal of Advanced Thermofluid Research (IJATR) was struck in mind during my doctoral research period at Universiti Sains Malaysia which provided me everything needed to perform and grow in research and publishing. While acknowledging the diverse publishing platforms in the field of thermal science and engineering, IJATR attempts to provide a venue for timely publication of contributions from the broad domain of thermofluid. The term thermofluid is defined to encompass energy, thermal science, fluid flow, heat and mass transfer, combustion and all related domains.

I am pleased and proud to present this document in front of the august audience. I have taken the daring step to launch IJATR with a strong confidence to develop it to a level that would comply with the quality standards of a leading research journal in the area. Admitting the obvious shortcomings as a beginner, I earnestly seek supports, constructive comments and suggestions from the respected readers, to improve its quality.

I hereby gratefully acknowledge the supports of Prof. A.A. Mohamed, Prof. Raymod Viskanda, and the invaluable contributions of the authors, associate editors, reviewers and my colleagues, in realizing the successful launching of IJATR.

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