Fabrication and Characterization of CuxCe1-xO2-δ Nanostructured Anode Material for SOFC Applications by using Mechanochemical Technique


ball milling
pore former
DC conductivity


Solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) works by converting chemical energy into electrical energy due to reforming, and it is one of the promising alternative source of energy for the future. In the present work, emphasis was given on increasing the electronic conductivity of anode material for SOFC. The Cu0.5Ce0.5O2-δ was prepared by mechanochemical (ball milling) route, with and without pore former. The effect of pore former on the electrical and structural characterization was studied in detail, and found that the Cu0.5Ce0.5O2-δ ceramic anode prepared by using pore former is more effective from structural and electrical points of view. The crystallite size is 58 nanoscales and DC conductivity after reduction is 9.50 ×10-1 Scm-2. Thus, the Cu0.5Ce0.5O2-δ prepared by ball milling using pore former technique could be an emerging potential anode material for SOFC.

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