Editorial Note


The International Research Establishment for Energy and Environment (IREEE) has started its passionate journey towards realizing energy-efficient and ecofriendly technologies for the future. Facilitating a platform for showcasing the research and development activities in these broad domains is vital in materializing this mission, and this was one of the motives behind IJATR as the initial venture of IREEE. Release of the inaugural issue was a challenging task, yet it was accomplished successfully. There have been encouraging responses from the audience, and this time we have received many submissions. We keep our words in completing the review process within 45 days, without compromising quality
and novelty; our reviewers play their wonderful role in this task. The submissions to IJATR undergo a rigorous and unbiased scrutiny, and at the same, if the work is found worth publishing, the necessary language editing and shaping are done by our editorial office free of cost. IJATR has started receiving global recognition in abstracting and indexing databases, and we hope that it will reach new heights in the near future.

While gratefully acknowledging the contributions of the authors, sincere efforts of our reviewers and encouraging feedback from the colleagues, I hereby submit the Issue 2 of Volume 1 of IJATR in front of the august readers and earnestly solicit their views, suggestions and submissions.

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