Magnetohydrodynamic Jeffrey Fluid Over a Porous Unsteady Shrinking Sheet with Suction Parameter: Numerical Approach


Jeffrey parameter
Unsteady shrinking sheet


This paper presents a numerical analysis of magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) boundary layer flow of Jeffrey fluid over a porous unsteady shrinking sheet considering the suction parameter. The governing nonlinear partial differential equations are converted into ordinary differential equations by using a similarity approach. Numerical solutions of the nonlinear ordinary differential equations are found by using Runge-Kutta fourth order (RK4O) method with shooting technique. Effects of different parameters on velocity profiles are displayed graphically for both Newtonian (i.e. λ1=0 ) and non-Newtonian (i.e. λ1=0.5 ) flow cases. In addition, the skin friction coefficient is analyzed with the help of graphs and tables, which makes excellent agreement with the previous results. Finally, it is found that the skin friction coefficient as a function of suction parameter increases by enhancing the values of unsteady parameter while it decays by increasing the Jeffrey parameter.